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June 04, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

The town of Hampstead desperately needs volunteers for its planned construction tomorrow of playground equipment at tot lots in North Carroll Farms and at Chief Sites Park, Councilwoman Jacqueline Hyatt said yesterday.

"This is a nightmare from hell," said Mrs. Hyatt, who oversees Hampstead parks and recreation for the Town Council, and has been trying to drum up some help.

She said the town needs two 15-person crews to set up the playground equipment. She estimated that by yesterday, including some town staff and her husband and son, she had about 10 volunteers -- a third of the number needed.

If Hampstead does not complete both the tot lots on the same day, she said, the town will be penalized by the company that sold Hampstead the playground equipment. A representative of the firm is supposed to oversee the work.

The project had originally been scheduled for April, but a lack of volunteers then caused its postponement.

"I'm beginning to think . . . if you don't see it, and you don't use it, and it isn't in your back yard, you don't care," Mrs. Hyatt said.

Yesterday, Mrs. Hyatt was waiting to hear if North Carroll High School would provide any volunteers. She said she was also trying to get workers sentenced by the courts to perform community service.

Mrs. Hyatt said she didn't know what else to do to publicize the need. A request for volunteers went out with the town's water bills. Another request was sent home with children at Spring Garden Elementary School. That appeal produced three volunteers, Mrs. Hyatt said.

When Mrs. Hyatt, fishing for volunteers, called some residents, she found that some people could not help because they were either working Saturday or watching children while their spouse was at work.

Mrs. Hyatt said she needs to know in advance how many volunteers she has, so she can plan the work and the distribution of tools.

"I thought it was going to be a piece of cake," she said.

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