Water main break leaves a part of Churchville dry

June 04, 1993|By Victor Paul Alvarez | Victor Paul Alvarez,Staff Writer

A break in a 10-inch, privately owned pipe left about 72 homes and several businesses in the Churchville area of Harford County without running water Wednesday and yesterday, county officials said.

Four food service businesses in the Campus Hills Shopping Center were ordered closed by the Health Department until water service could be restored.

The break in the pipe was repaired early Thursday morning, according to Woody Williams of the Environmental Water Quality Division of the Health Department. However, service had not been restored by late afternoon pending certification of the water quality, he said.

In order to ensure the safety of the water, the Health Department must be certain that the chlorine level is correct. Mr. Williams said he "hoped that water would be certified as safe by early today."

Wednesday's break followed one Tuesday. After the first break had been repaired and service restored, a second, larger break shut down the system again Wednesday, according to George Harrison, the public information officer for Harford County.

The second break occurred during the early morning hours. It drained the tank that supplies homes in the Bramblewood development between Churchville and the Campus Hills Shopping Center.

The cause of the breaks was not known as of yesterday, Mr. Harrison said.

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