Police seek information in Jan. 15 killing of Old Mill High School freshman

June 03, 1993|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

Lisa Haenel's killer probably has confided to someone close to him about the crime, and homicide investigators say that person's life could be in danger.

"We want that witness to know that the suspect could come back and get him," Sgt. Robert Jaschik, head of the county police homicide unit, said yesterday. "He's safer in our hands than in his hands."

Lisa, a freshman at Old Mill High School, was killed Jan. 15. Her body was discovered the next day in a ravine near a path students from her Glen Burnie neighborhood use as a shortcut to the school.

County police, whose investigation has stalled, asked the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit to draft a psychological profile of the killer. The assessment that he would kill again is part of that analysis.

"If [the suspect] killed once, he can do it again," Sergeant Jaschik said. "We want this witness to come forward so we will not see another victim."

FBI Agent Hank Hanburger said the profile, which takes into consideration the lifestyle of the victim, helps to narrow the field of suspects. In Lisa's case, it was difficult because she was not in a high-risk group.

"I wouldn't speculate that she was targeted because of something she was involved in in her life," he said.

Sergeant Jaschik said he believes that Lisa's killer saw her walking to school that morning and killed her impulsively. "He just happened to be there when she came by and something made him angry, but we don't know what," he said.

In the months since Lisa's body was discovered, police have interviewed at least 300 people they thought might have information about the case and taken about 15 hair and blood samples. None of them matched the evidence found at the crime scene.

"It's not a lack of physical evidence. We did recover some forensic evidence, but we need something or someone to compare it to," Sergeant Jaschik said.

In a related development, teachers at Old Mill are collecting contributions for a reward for any information that leads to the conviction of Lisa's killer, said Len Sokoloff, a guidance counselor at the school.

Sergeant Jaschik said investigators need more help from the public and asked that anyone with information call investigators at 222-3461 or 222-8620.

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