Crofton manager search narrows Winner may assume duties by June 14 WEST COUNTY--Crofton * Odenton * Fort Meade * Gambrills

June 02, 1993|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff Writer

Three people considered top candidates to be Crofton's next town manager can offer the community varying degrees of experience and political connections, and elected leaders making the decision say it will be tough to choose.

"The candidates are very strong," said John Maloney, vice president of the Crofton Civic Association and head of the three-member search committee. "It is a lot tougher than last time."

Names of the nine finalists have not been made public. "I don't think it's fair to anyone to say who they are," said Edwin F. Dosek, president of the Crofton Civic Association.

The names of three of the finalists for the $38,000-a-year job were learned from sources, and each of the candidates confirmed that he or she had made the final nine.

They are: Barbara Swann, the community comptroller and acting town manager who has worked for Crofton for 23 years; James B. Golden, a retired Air Force colonel who has the backing of County Council Chairman David G. Boschert; and Joe Mangini, the city manager of Taneytown.

Crofton could have its new town manager June 14, the next scheduled board meeting. Mr. Dosek said he has a list of four or five finalists and plans to talk to each one before proceeding.

Mr. Dosek could either make a recommendation to the board or he could have each candidate come in for an interview with all 13 members of the board of directors.

Mr. Maloney said 85 people applied for the job. Only five were from out of state -- Crofton only advertised in Baltimore and Washington newspapers.

Jordan L. Harding, the former town manager who resigned in March, had a relationship with the board of directors that was strained at times.

He complained that board members second-guessed him, and some board members accused him of making policy without their approval.

Ms. Swann, who has applied for the town manager position twice before, knows the community and its residents well. She has been repeatedly praised by board members and given many bonuses over the years.

Mr. Golden has served as Mr. Boschert's campaign manager for three years and is familiar with county politics. He has frequently stood in for his boss on committees that worked to keep surplus Fort Meade land from being developed and to find parkland for West County.

Mr. Golden said his management style would be reserved. "I have to learn how Crofton does its thing. I'm not going to change anything," he said.

He said he is experienced with budgets and planning from his days in the Pentagon and the National Security Agency and knows the area from working with Mr. Boschert.

Mr. Mangini has worked in Taneytown, an incorporated city of 4,000 in Carroll County, since last year.

Crofton officials are trying to decide whether their special tax district should incorporate, and Mr. Mangini said he is working with Kent Island on the same issue.

Mr. Mangini said that he is familiar with restrictive covenants for residential areas -- a touchy and sometimes controversial issue in Crofton. He said he would quickly pick up the pulse of county politics.

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