There's always someone nearby in A Place for Your Pace program


June 01, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

For the Baltimore Road Runners Club's A Place for Your Pace Saturday mornings at the Loch Raven watershed, individual speed is as much of the program as diversity of running styles.

For those who like to run with other people, A Place for Your Pace might be just the thing.

Runners turn in six-minute miles, 12-minute miles and a multitude of times in between. Even President Clinton would feel comfortable in such a format.

At first glance, it seems surprising that Stacey Nicholson, Oriole Advocates Home Run 8K winner and Constellation Classic 10K runner-up, would be part of such a program. But as road-racing organizations across the country are finding out, volunteerism makes their programs run.

Says BRRC president Jeff Sanborn: "We've asked Stacey to do a few things, but she wants to run so we don't want to ask her to do too much."

BRRC Executive Board member Nicholson and Charlie Reynolds, one of the most successful area runners on the senior circuit, are the volunteers for the club's A Place for Your Pace, and they are zTC what makes it go.

"It's an opportunity for people of all different abilities to go out there, enjoy a good camaraderie and a good chance to be with other runners," says Nicholson, 30.

The format is simple.

"Basically, you just show up at 8 o'clock in the morning," Nicholson says. "People of various abilities go off in different groups at the pace you're going at at that time."

Runners record various distances, and Nicholson and Reynolds chart their mileage. At the end of the program in November, runners who have logged the most miles are eligible for prizes from the BRRC.

"There are awards for people who run the most miles, who are most consistent," Nicholson says.

In past seasons, the program began with a speaker, but Nicholson says that has not been part of this year's format. "As we kind of progress this year, we may add a speaker," she says.

The program begins every Saturday morning at Peerce's Plantation. For information on it and the club's other events, call the BRRC Hot Line at (410) 666-1840.

"Usually, there's someone out there who's doing the same thing [as you are]," says Nicholson. "Just recently, there was a group of people who were doing the Pittsburgh Marathon. It was a good chance to get in your last long runs with other people."

Run naked

Authorities won't file charges against the student organizers of an ill-fated Naked Mile Relay at Southwest Missouri State in Springfield, Mo., but crowd members who assaulted security guards could be charged.

Bob Glenn, dean of student life at the school, said he met with Christian County Sheriff Steve Whitney, who said he wouldn't pursue charges against the organizers of the event. But Whitney asked the school's help with any leads on members of the crowd responsible for minor assaults on four private security guards.

University officials suspended three students from the track team for helping organize the off-campus nude run.

The injured guards were jostled by a crowd estimated at 1,500.

Glenn said the event was not a fund-raiser for the university's track team and was only meant to make money for the organizers.


Constellation Classic third-place finisher Kevin Ruch and Nicholson won their divisions of the BRRC Crustacean Crawl 4-miler Friday night at Goucher College. . . . There were 697 finishers in Sunday's People Encouraging People 5Karibbean Run at Boston Street. . . . Baltimore finishers in Saturday's Big Boy Classic 20K in Wheeling, W. Va.: Mark Rosasco, 1:13:26;

Todd Henry, 1:13:46; Ty Lanahan, 1:15:19; Dave

Lowe, 1:16:14; Bill Peeling, 1:17:58; Rick Bingham, 1:21:42; Warren Ohlrich, 1:22:13; Chris Sinclair, 1:23:38; James Kerr, 1:30:52; Carole Rosasco, 1:34:01; Linda Lash, 1:35:20; Keith Burkhart, 1:35:58. . . . The week's top finishers:


BRRC Crustacean Crawl 4-miler At Goucher College Males: 1. Kevin Ruch, 28, 19:36; 2. Doug Mock, 26, 19:49; 3. Brad Uhlfelder, 32, 19:56; 4. Scott Frampton, 22, 20:12; 5. Ken Fowler, 27, 20:56; 6. Anthony Grier, 42, 21:04; 7. Bill Maloney, 30, 21:17; 8. Tom Brown Jr., 25, 21:32; 9. Kirk Corsello, 26, 21:47; 10. Mark Bogardy, 35, 21:55. Masters: 1. Grier.

Females: 1. Stacey Nicholson, 30, 22:51; 2. Charlotte Thomas, 34, 23:15; 3. Marianne Hjermstad, 30, 23:42; 4. Maureen Hall, 28, 24:20; 5. Pat Keating-Ryan, 31, 25:10; 6. Holly Fryberger, 23, 25:31; 7. Cynthia Carpenter, 30, 25:46; 8. Debra White, 27, 26:51; 9. Donna Lewis, 38, 26:52; 10. Carol Zimmerman, 34, 27:05. Masters: 1. Janine Paciarelli, 45, 29:21.


RASAC Memorial Day Wilderness 5-Miler Males: 1. Vernon Chavis, 27:52; 2. Adam Morrison, 27:56; 3. Nathan Boyer, 28:54; 4. Jeff Hinte, 29:01; 5. Jim Otte, 31:39; 6. Jerry Vega, 31:55; 7. Brian Carlson, 32:28; 8. Fred Carlson, 33:08; 9. Bill Elzinga, 39:08; 10. Phil Anderson, 35:19.

Females: 1. Jennifer Englehart, 35:24; 2. Barb Stroud, 44:29.


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