Around the house* Prepare for the summer. Cool off the...


May 29, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Prepare for the summer. Cool off the house with awnings that will reflect sun, thermal shades to block out heat and ceiling fans that circulate air.

* Clean window screens. Always remove; scrubbing in place can cause them to bulge. Place screens on a flat surface like a picnic table or the lawn. Scrub with a soft brush and a solution of water and ammonia. Hose off and allow to dry.

* Make your own cleaning solution for fast cleanups. Mix one part ammonia with three parts water in a pump spray bottle. Label the bottle. A quick squirt will keep kitchen counter tops and appliances clean.

* Store children's outdoor toys in 30-gallon garbage containers. Label contents on top of each lid and keep container close to the play area in your yard.

* When separating eggs, use a small aluminum funnel. Place funnel over measuring cup and break the egg into it. The yolk will remain while the white slides through the stem into the cup.

* Use a single fitted sheet as a tablecloth for your picnic table. The cloth will not blow into the food on windy days; it also covers a weathered, unsightly table.

In the garden

* Mow lawn to a height of 2 to 3 inches to shade the soil and help protect grass roots during hot summer days. Rake grass clippings right away to prevent matted grass from smothering lawn.

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