Stick around: Lacrosse stars come out tonight at Homewood

May 28, 1993|By Tara Finnegan | Tara Finnegan,Contributing Writer

For years, area high school lacrosse players have watched friends and siblings play their final game at Johns Hopkins' Homewood Field.

Tonight, 100 seniors get their chance to run and shoot on the artificial turf in the 12th annual Lacrosse for Leukemia Tournament. Play begins at 6 p.m. with the East-West girls game, followed by the Metro Area boys vs. the Maryland Scholastic Association at 8 p.m.

"I watched my brother Charlie play in it in 1989, and I've watched some teammates play throughout the years," said Dulaney midfielder Tim Speno. "It's an honor be selected."

Speno had 13 goals and 29 assists this season for the Lions, who got to the Class 3A-4A, Region III final. Speno will get a chance to play against a lot of familiar faces on the MSA team. He grew up playing recreation lacrosse in Lutherville with Peter Hilgartner (Calvert Hall), Andy Sharretts (Boys' Latin) and Patrick Doyle (St. Paul's), who will be his roommate at Duke in the fall.

"It's really nice to play against those guys again. Once we all became freshmen, we went our separate ways," Speno said.

"It's kind of neat that we cross paths at the end of our career."

The tournament takes place in one of the busiest weeks in high school sports.

The state lacrosse finals were held Wednesday, the night of thefirst practice.

Many schools have had senior-oriented events, such as awards banquets and graduation rehearsals. The South I and II girls lacrosse teams are playing at Ohio Wesleyan this weekend as well.

"All my kids made the decision to play here," Mount Hebron coach P.TJ. Kesmodel said.

Kesmodel is coaching the West girls team, which features five players from his Class 1A-2A state championship team.

"Since I have five kids on the team, I like having one last time to work with them," he said.

Mount Hebron's Lori Pasquantonio said: "I was excited and happy he was coaching. Ever since I was a freshman, I always thought this wassomething I would like to do as a senior."

Friends coach Jon Garman, who coached the Quakers to the MSA B Conference title, is no stranger to the tournament. He was working at Loyola when assistant headmaster John Stewart began the tournament in 1982.

This year, he and St. Paul's coach Mitch Whiteley are coaching the MSA squad. Towson's Randy Dase and Broadneck's Clay White are coaching the Metro team. Towson is the 1A-2A state champion, and Broadneck is the 3A-4A state champion.

"The number of top-quality players in the tournament is very impressive," Garman said. "And the cause is very worthwhile."

All proceeds will go to Johns Hopkins Hospital and help with research and patient expenses.

Last year, the tournament raised $8,000. Patricia Dodd, executive director of the Maryland chapter of the Leukemia Society, said part of the money last year went to research for bone marrow transplants, which were coordinated by Dr. George Santos.

Bone marrow transplants are considered an effective way of treating leukemia, which is the No. 1 disease killer of children.


MSA Team

Coaches: Mitch Whiteley, St. Paul's; Jon Garman, Friends.

Players (name, school, number): Jon Cusson, Loyola, 1; Michael Watson, St. Paul's, 2; Peter Hilgartner, Calvert Hall, 3; Ben Strutt, St. Paul's, 4; Akbar Hopson, Lake Clifton, 5; Michael Keeney, Loyola, 6; Matt Prout, Boys' Latin, 7; Bryan Smith, Gilman, 8; Max Everett, Friends, 9; Patrick Cairns, Boys Latin, 10; Todd Quenzer, Boys' Latin, 11; Sean Gaiser, Mount St. Joseph, 12; Peter McGill, Gilman, 13; Dudley Dixon, Severn, 14; Mac McCulloch, St. Paul's, 15; Maury LaPointe, Mount St. Joseph, 16; Kevin Reichardt, St. ++ Mary's, 17; Andy Sharretts, Boys' Latin, 18; Matt Weiner, Park, 19; Spencer Deering, Friends, 20; Trent Green, City, 21; Patrick Doyle, St. Paul's, 22; Jeff Raymond, John Carroll, 23; Ronald Foster, Forest Park, 24; Ian Vickery, Poly, 25; Dave Daniecki, Loyola, 26; Steve Schummer, St. Mary's, 27.

Metro Area Team

Coaches: Randy Dase, Towson; Clay White, Broadneck

Players (name, school, number): Michael Ogden, Meade, 1; Werner Krueger, Centennial, 2; Barry Heddings, Towson, 3; Tim Speno, Dulaney, 4; Tom Lea, Hammond, 5; William Hong, Centennial, 6; Andy Mocarsky, North County, 7; Michael Ford, Towson, 8; Greg Breeback, Hereford, 9; Matt LeBlanc, Oakland Mills, 11; Dan Bowers, Fallston, 12; Brendan Bellotte, Annapolis, 13; Emmerich Yoder, Dulaney, 14; Shannon Hiteshew, Oakland Mills, 15; Brad Bakhsh, Franklin, 16; Jason Miller, Franklin, 17; James Gohng, Towson, 18; Corey Lambroff, C. Milton Wright, 19; Greg Sabo, North County, 20; Chuck Heinze, C. Milton Wright, 21; Michael Bolesta, Westminster, 22; John Bolesta, Westminster, 23; Jeremy Ogas, Broadneck, 24; Sam Peterson, ,Broadneck, 25; Clay Shiflet, Mount Hebron, 26.


East Team

Coach: Pat Becker, Bryn Mawr.

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