Filming of 'Flintstones' proves rocky for residents

May 27, 1993|By Los Angeles Daily News

Just a stone's throw from make-believe Bedrock, residents of Agua Dulce, Calif., a rural community 45 miles north of Los Angeles, are unhappy about the recent invasion of outsiders looking for a yabba-dabba-do time.

It seems the filming of Steven Spielberg's live-action movie "The Flintstones" has captured the public's imagination like no other production at Vasquez Rocks County Park, which has been the backdrop of hundreds of movies, television shows and commercials.

To the displeasure of nearby residents, authorities say thousands of sightseers have turned out recently to visit the movie set in the heart of the park, where the fabled prehistoric town has been created.

"It was like an invasion. It was a steady stream of cars coming off the freeway to see Bedrock," said Susan Kaplan, who lives about a half-mile north of the park. But Don Levy, the movie's publicist, blamed the problems on unwanted publicity.

"It was just the sheer numbers it attracted. We have been set up and handling it just fine," he said. "It is not bedlam in Bedrock."

However, a television news helicopter flying overhead Monday night did disrupt the filming, which started last week and is scheduled to continue through mid-June, he said.

The big-budget extravaganza, which stars John Goodman as Fred Flintstone, is scheduled for release next summer.

Frank Hovore, of the Los Angeles County Parks Department, said officials are trying to manage the situation by adding staff on weekends.

"The choice is you can throw the public out, which is unacceptable, or you can throw the production company out, which is also unacceptable -- or you balance those two needs,"

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