Public hearing due for zoning proposals

May 25, 1993|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

Carroll commissioners voted yesterday to ask for public comment on two proposed zoning changes -- one that would affect companies that make aircraft, cars and other vehicles and another pertaining to home-based businesses.

The commissioners will set a date for a public hearing on the changes, which are amendments to zoning laws. Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Elmer C. Lippy discussed the changes during a staff meeting. Commissioner Julia W. Gouge did not attend.

Mr. Dell and Mr. Lippy agreed that companies that manufacture light aircraft, automobiles, mobile homes and other vehicles should be allowed to operate in the industrial-restricted zone. This zone generally is meant for light industry.

County law now allows those kinds of businesses in the industrial-general zone, which is meant for heavier industry.

The change was proposed after the county received an inquiry from an industry interested in locating in Carroll, Director of Administrative Services Robert A. "Max" Bair said. He would not say what kind of industry or whether it still would like to locate in the county.

The Planning Commission had recommended that companies that make aircraft and other vehicles be allowed in the less restrictive zone as a conditional use, which means they would have to get permission from the Board of Zoning Appeals before opening.

Mr. Bair, who is the county's acting economic development director, said that restriction would discourage such industries from locating in Carroll because the process to obtain necessary permits would be longer.

Zoning Administrator Solveig Smith said it could be hard to define light aircraft manufacturing.

The other proposed change would affect cottage industries, which are defined as businesses run by a family member on family property with not more than one employee who doesn't live on the property. The business may not generate traffic, parking, sewage or water use greater than the normal residence.

Currently, such a business in the agriculture zone must be in the residence. The proposed change would allow the business to be in another building on the property, such as a garage.

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