Gray plans to push near-ban on smokingELLICOTT CITY -- C...


May 24, 1993|By From Staff Reports

HOWARD COUNTY ELLICOTT CITY — Gray plans to push near-ban on smoking

ELLICOTT CITY -- C. Vernon Gray will try to convince his Howard County Council colleagues tonight that Howard County

faces a health crisis because of secondhand smoke.

Council Chairman Gray, D-3rd, wants the county to make the existing anti-smoking law tougher, and implement an almost total ban on smoking by July 1, 1995.

Howard restaurant owners told the council last week that they favor such a move only if it is enacted statewide, fearing that if Howard County becomes the only jurisdiction with a total smoking ban, they could lose customers to restaurants in nearby counties.

The bill would reduce the amount of restaurant seating available to smokers and add to the amount of employee work space that must be smoke-free.

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