Commissioners add three items to budget

May 23, 1993

Carroll commissioners voted Thursday to spend $69,477 to hire a legal secretary in the state's attorney's office and to help pay for a family shelter and a regional animal lab. The items were additions to the county's proposed $130 million budget for fiscal 1994.

They voted to spend:

* $28,785 to hire a legal secretary for State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman's office. The office needed a secretary to help keep up with increasing clerical work.

* $20,692 for Carroll's share of operating the Frederick County Animal Laboratory, which tests animals in the region.

* $20,000 to help keep a Human Services Programs Inc. family shelter open. The cost of operating the shelter for a year is $57,600. The City of Westminster, shelter residents, the Human Services board and the community also contribute.

The commissioners are scheduled to adopt the budget Thursday.

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