Claim 'forgotten' wealth at the mall

May 21, 1993

Lost fortunes could be found tomorrow at the Glen Burnie Mall.

State officials will be demonstrating a computer that tracks unclaimed property and money, including forgotten bank accounts, security deposits and insurance benefits.

State Comptroller Louis Goldstein said his office's computer records list more than 160,000 forgotten accounts, worth $60 million.

The unclaimed property booth, to open at 10 a.m., is just one avenue Mr. Goldstein is taking to find the owners or their %J relatives.

The office advertises only the most recently reported names of property owners in the newspaper each spring and fall.

Last year, the comptroller's office returned $5.6 million in unclaimed funds to 10,345 individuals.

Maryland law requires financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities and other corporations to report bank accounts, security deposits, wages, insurance benefits and the contents of safe deposit boxes that are unclaimed after five years.

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