Hillary's hair has brush with stylist and comes up . . . short?

May 18, 1993|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Staff Writer

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a new, short hairdo that's got everyone abuzz.

Everyone, that is, except for Mrs. Clinton's press aides, who don't do fashion chit-chat. Karen Finney, a White House aide, said yesterday she had seen the first lady's new haircut on television, but not in person. She offered background information to the effect that, yes, Mrs. Clinton had had her hair cut, and, no, the White House could not say who cut it.

"I didn't cut it and I didn't ask her; it was cut by someone in New York," said Gabriel DeBakey, Mrs. Clinton's regular Washington stylist. He did, however, handle and fluff the new First Locks early yesterday morning to get Mrs. Clinton on her way to give the commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.

"We can still do an updo with her hair, depending on what she needs," says Mr. DeBakey. "The short [style] is more manageable for her job; it will give her more freedom."

But is it the kind of wash-and-wear 'do that is familiar to millions of women? "All it takes is a blow dryer and a small brush," he says. "This morning it took me 15 minutes."

The stylist says the cut is layered and asymmetrical, tapered to the back into a wedge and it can be brushed back or parted.

Hillary watchers can't wait to get a better look. One of them is George Mayer, the New York man behind the Hillary Clinton wig and whose company, Jacquelyn Wigs, markets the familiar sideswept style.

"We'll be cutting new wigs feverishly," says Mr. Mayer. "We will continue the old style, which comes with or without the headband and was very popular, but we will do the new one,too, and just run them both."

Nancy Reagan's former stylist Robin Weir, however, says he prefers the old Hillary hairdo: "We can't wait for it to grow."

Short is fine with Jordan Ferraro, artistic director of Allure salon in Rosslyn, Va. "I think Mrs. Clinton's new cut shows her political genius," he says. "She's speaking at a college graduation ceremony in front of a smart group of baby busters. She spoke of idealism in front of her class 25 years ago. Now she's saying the same thing to a new generation of Americans."

That baby boomer bob had to go, says Mr. Ferraro, and he's glad Mrs. Clinton is on the cutting edge of a new era.

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