Rhodes' injured knee may open spot for Moyer

Orioles notebook

May 17, 1993|By Jim Henneman | Jim Henneman,Staff Writer

DETROIT -- Arthur Rhodes still is listed as the Orioles' scheduled starting pitcher Thursday afternoon against Cleveland, but that assignment is tentative.

The left-hander reported no improvement in the sore left knee that forced him to miss Saturday's game against Detroit. Rhodes said he felt something pop in the knee while jogging in the outfield before beginning his warm-up.

He was unable to push off the mound and was replaced by Mark Williamson as the starting pitcher. Rhodes is scheduled to be examined today by Dr. Charles Silberstein, the club's orthopedic specialist.

If Rhodes is forced to miss a start, which at this point has to be considered a possibility, it is likely left-hander Jamie Moyer will be summoned from Triple-A Rochester to take his place. Moyer, 30, is 6-0 with a 1.67 ERA and was under consideration for a promotion even before Rhodes' injury.

Inning that wouldn't end

In the first inning yesterday, Mike Mussina and Bill Gullickson each threw 26 pitches, an unusually high number for both.

For Gullickson, the pitch count was even more notable because half of his pitches missed the strike zone. In his previous start, against Toronto, his first of the year, Gullickson threw only 13 balls in 65 pitches in 5 2/3 innings.

Versatile bunch

When Alan Trammell opened in center field yesterday, he became the third Tiger to start at four different positions.

The 35-year-old veteran also had played third base and left field in addition to his normal shortstop position this year. Until last week, Trammell had never played the outfield in a regular-season, big-league game.

Tony Phillips, the resident master-of-all-positions in the American League, has played all three outfield positions and second base this year. Ex-Oriole Mickey Tettleton has started at catcher, first base, left field and right field.

A few good men

When the Orioles were preparing to leave for home last night it looked like some former members of the University of Miami football team had invaded the locker room.

All of the rookies on the team -- Damon Buford, Sherman Obando, Jack Voigt and Brad Pennington -- were outfitted in camouflage military gear. It was a gimmick dreamed up by Rick (( Sutcliffe, who likes to engage in occasional rookie hazing.

"He goes out and buys the stuff himself," said manager Johnny Oates. "We only do it when we're going home, because not too many people see it. When it's three or four [rookies] it's not too bad, but when it's one, like with Alan Mills last year, it can be a little embarrassing."

Mark Leonard barely escaped Sutcliffe's prank, having too much time in the big leagues to qualify as a rookie. "I'm glad we won, I don't think we could have pulled it off if we had lost," said Sutcliffe.

Just in case

Without saying anything, Sutcliffe made himself available in case the Orioles needed an emergency relief pitcher yesterday. He waited until after the fifth inning before doing his routine throwing between starts.

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