Want to give the bride and groom a gift that will be...


May 16, 1993|By Phoenix Gazette

Want to give the bride and groom a gift that will be rembered long after the thank - you notes are sent?

Think stocks,not silverware.

Investments and money management tools are great gifts for newlyweds,says New York investment consultant and author Nancy Dunnan. " I Think it's a wonderful way to introduce young people into the world of finance and intotaking care of their own finances." Some of her gift suggestions:

* Stock in a company with products popular with young people: Some good ones: gum maker William Wrigley & Co. and cereal titan Kellogg Co. Call a few discoumnt brokers to compare the commissions for buying a small number of shares.

* Shares in a mutual fund: Pick a no-load (no sales charge) fund with a good track record.Among those with a low minimum initial investment ($ 250): MIM Funds, (800) 233-1240 and the Berger Funds,(800) 333-1001.

* Tuition for a course in investing or financial planning: Check colleges, YMCAs and other schools for beginning courses.

* EE Saving Bonds: Avaible at a local bank with no commission or fee. These ultra-safe bonds,when held five years,are guaranteed a 4 percent rate or 85 percent of the Treasury note rate, whichever is higher. Bonds are available for as little as $ 25. Note: To put bonds in someone else's name, you'll need that person's Social Security number.

* Subscriptions to a financial publication: Two favorites: Your Money,$ 16/year,(800) 777-0025: and Bottom Line Personal $ 49/year,(800) 274-5611.

* A Session with a financial planner: Call the International Association of Personal Financial Advisors,(800) 366-2732; or the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, (800) 282-7526,for referrals in the area.

* Financial reference books: There are score of guides on the market.


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