Hampstead Council Endorsements CARROLL COUNTY

May 10, 1993

Voters participating in tomorrow's election in Hampstead have two main issues on their minds: growth and traffic. With about 3,000 people -- double that of 12 years ago -- Hampstead is the quintessential example of what the 1980s brought to Carroll County. Although residents still identify it as a small town, rapid growth may transform it into yet another suburban bedroom stop.

The steady stream of high-speed car and truck traffic on Route 30 has hurt the quality of life in many ways. Businesses find it hard to survive because potential customers fear attempting left turns in their cars or crossing Main Street on foot.

The town council must better manage the growth so it doesn't destroy Hampstead's character. The elected body should also do something past councils have not -- develop a consensus to encourage Maryland to build a bypass around town.

Eight people are running for three seats, a good measure of civic pride. Also, for the first time, a number of newer residents are running, another healthy sign.

Incumbents Jacqueline Hyatt and William S. Pearson Sr. should be re-elected. Since her 1991 appointment to the council, Ms. Hyatt, 63, has been untiring in her efforts. She has worked toward the restoration of Hampstead's 80-year-old train station, formed a commission to plant trees and contributed many hours to the town swimming pool.

Mr. Pearson, 84, first served on the council in 1973. He brings a great deal of intelligence and common sense to any discussion.

The third seat up for grabs is now held by Lewis O. Keyser Jr., who decided not to run for re-election.

Among the other candidates, Greg Jugo, 37, stands out. His accommodating personality can form a bridge between long-time residents and newer ones. He has also shown, through his volunteer work, an ability to organize and manage.

The other candidates are David Hopkins, 38; Russell Laderer, 30; James Piet, 40; Wayne Thomas, 42, and Dwight Womer, 35. While several bring attractive qualities to the race, a few seem more fixated on narrow community concerns than in the general interest of the town.

For Hampstead council, The Sun endorses Jacqueline Hyatt, Greg Jugo and William Pearson Sr.

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