Truck traffic, growth are major issues ELECTION '93: New Windsor

May 09, 1993


Jack A. Gullo Jr.

* Biography: Age: 24; single, B.A. in biology, Washington and Jefferson College 1990, will receive master's in law from Widener University May 23 (will graduate in top 5 percent of class), member of Who's Who in American Law Schools, president of Student Government Association and Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. Employed at law office of attorney James M. Bach.

* Question 1: A plan should be developed to encourage growth, which will expand the tax base in order to support expansion and maintenance of infrastructure, provide employment for the growing population, and insure adequate police, fire, and emergency services.

* Question 2: The Town Council has taken appropriate action by establishing curfews and eliciting citizens' involvement. At the present time, I feel these policies are adequate and should be supported and enforced. However, I feel the town should work to acquire full-time police protection.

* Question 3: The amount of land available for use will be determined by the state; a small park would enhance the beauty of the town by providing a place for its residents to enjoy and appreciate the town's quaint atmosphere and serve as a symbol of the town's spirit and unity.

* Question 4: Truck traffic is overwhelming the town of New Windsor. Trucks crowd the streets and impede traffic at the intersections, thus destroying the character of the town. A truck bypass must be studied, planned, and implemented in order to provide for future growth and preserve the quality of New Windsor.

Matthew Purkins

* Biography: Age: 18; President of Francis Scott Key Republican Club; treasurer, Francis Scott Key SADD; peer counselor; business editor for yearbook, sports editor of school newspaper. Member, New Windsor Assoc. Reform Presbyterian Church, New Windsor Heritage Committee, West Carroll Republican Club. Manager, New Windsor ARP softball team. Worked in 1992 Bush/Quayle and Roscoe Bartlett campaigns. Worked in Sharon Baker for Commissioner campaign in 1990.

* Question 1: Water and sewer facilities will accommodate the newest development but will need to be re-evaluated before any further development occurs. New residents should be encouraged to get involved in the community to supplement services (e.g. Crime Watch). Future increases in service needs necessitate the need to consider financial resources.

* Question 2: Town government must be sure current laws are enforced (e.g. curfew, trespassing). Town government must also serve as a guiding force behind Neighborhood Crime Watch program. The town council should campaign to remind parents that they are responsible for their children's actions and therefore liable.

* Question 3: Once the state widens the corner, an easily negotiable turn will be provided for trucks, which will encourage more truckers to use this route as a shortcut. Properties cannot withstand an increase in truck traffic. Regarding the property, a small park with benches and trees would be foreseeable.

* Question 4: New Windsor's biggest problem: deterioration of property, which is a result of too much truck traffic, irresponsible landlords, lack of town pride in properties and no plans or willingness to deal with any of them. This must be considered before we can hope to cope responsibly with future growth.


James C. Carlisle

! * Did not respond

Paul G. Gardner

* Biography: Age: 43, Lifelong resident of New Windsor, 1967 graduate of Francis Scott Key High School, county employee (stock clerk), member of Linwood Brethren Church, baseball and softball coach for New Windsor Recreation Council for 20 years.

* Question 1: I believe we should investigate all current services and upgrade them where we feel we need to. This would include upkeep of town streets and property. Water and sewage upkeep, and upgrading police and fire protection. We have a town newsletter to inform the citizens of what is going on in the town. I also believe there should be a questionnaire sent to the citizens a couple of times a year for their input on town problems.

* Question 2: The council should

study the situation and evaluate the severity of the problems. Then upgrade, if necessary, the police protection, by adding another trooper or deputies from the sheriff's department or our own policeman.

* Question 3: It doesn't matter to me what they do with Warehime's Corner. I believe widening the corner of Route 75 and 31 is a waste of tax dollars. It is not going to solve all the trucking problems in New Windsor. New Windsor needs a bypass in order to solve the traffic problem.

Question 4: Growth is what we have to deal with and be prepared for. I don't necessarily think it is a problem [now]. But problems can come with growth. Remember what I talked about in Question 1. But I firmly believe that if we all work together -- mayor, council members and citizens -- we can solve these things as they come to our attention.

Rebecca H. Harman

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