Endorsements for New Windsor CARROLL COUNTY

May 07, 1993

New Windsor is being overrun by progress. Next Tuesday, the town's 850 residents have the opportunity to elect a young mayor who promises to bring a fresh perspective to deal with the problems.

Located on the major route between Westminster and Union Bridge, New Windsor has a daily parade of tractor-trailers rumbling down Main and High streets. These behemoths have knocked over the town's fountain so often it is now in storage.

Development on the fringes is changing New Windsor's small-town character. It is also bringing in new people and lots of children, who seem to be regarded as the other major local ill. A spate of teen vandalism has aggravated the already shaky relations between young and old in town.

Ironically, in spite of its seeming annoyance with its young people, New Windsor is fortunate to have two enthusiastic mayoral candidates, both under the age of 25.

Jack A. Gullo Jr., 24, graduates from law school this month. Matt Purkins, 18, is about to receive his diploma from Francis School Key High School.

In their three-week campaign since the filing deadline, Mr. Gullo and Mr. Purkins have demonstrated political sophistication beyond their years. Mr. Purkins, who has attended every council meeting for the past two years, is well-versed on town issues. He believes New Windsor needs to buy property for parks and a "greenbelt" as a buffer around the town. Mr. Gullo, who has also maintained a keen interest in local affairs, sees the need for a bypass to eliminate the heavy truck traffic.

Taking into consideration the town's distrust toward young people and new ideas, we think it might work best if Mr. Gullo were elected. He has slightly more experience in dealing with difficult adults and can stand his ground. We would urge Mr. Purkins to continue his civic interests and run for office in the future.

The town also has two vacant council seats. Incumbent Rebecca Harman, current mayor James Carlisle and long-time resident Paul Garver are running. Mrs. Harman has done a fine job and should be returned, and Mr. Carlisle would continue to contribute to the town as he has during 12 years in elected office.

For New Windsor, The Sun endorses Jack Gullo Jr. for mayor and James Carlisle and Rebecca Harman for the town council.

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