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May 04, 1993

City to give $402,000 in federal housing grants

Housing advocates and representatives of civic organizations in Annapolis will be given some $402,000 in federal Community Development Block Grants, city officials said.

The bulk of the money will go to refurbishing low- and moderate-income housing.

Among the grants are $124,000 for rehabilitating residences of senior citizens and low-income residents in the city and $45,000 to build four low- to moderate-income homes on Gilmer Street.

Also, the City Council's Housing and Community Development Committee approved $40,000 to transform a parking lot behind the 200 block of West St. into a playground, a request by the Presidents Hill Community Association. And the committee approved $20,000 for the Helping Hand shelter on Clay Street to build an addition and $10,000 for the homeless shelter to offer more counseling programs.

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