May 03, 1993

Silver Sands resident gets recognition

A Silver Sands resident who has spent the past decade fighting the construction of trash facilities in North County was among the winners last week of the the Maryland Department of the Environment's annual "Together We Can Clean Up" awards.

Mary Rosso, president of the Maryland Resource Network, a statewide coalition of environmental activists, helped draft a "solid waste planning accord" last winter between environmentalists, the MDE and industry officials. Her negotiating and consensus-building were instrumental in reaching the accord, state environmental officials said.

The accord called for new state guidelines on where landfills and incinerators can be built. It also said neighboring residents need better protection from noise, air and water pollution and traffic.

To reduce reliance on waste-disposal facilities, households and businesses should be recycling 50 percent of their wastes by decade's end, the accord said. State law requires metropolitan counties to recycle 20 percent of their refuse by January.

The MDE also honored the Anne Arundel County Department of Utilities for its "pretreatment program," which places strict controls on industrial discharges into the sewer system. That means fewer pollutants reach the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

In their second year, the awards are intended to recognize individuals who have assisted the MDE. The agency honored 15 environmentalists, industry leaders and local government units in all. Among the other recipients is WJZ-TV weatherman Bob Turk, who periodically offers environmental tips.

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