Unrelated Flemings on a roll for familiar high single game


May 02, 1993|By DON VITEK

Pay attention . . . this could get confusing.

Jeff Fleming and Will Fleming both live in Mount Airy, and they both bowl at Mount Airy Lanes. Last week, both Flemings (who are not related) pounded out the highest single game of their duckpin careers: 207.

Jeff Fleming, bowling in the Tuesday Men's Independent league, started out in high gear. His first game was 207. He added games of 109 and 106 for a 422 series.

"I don't how I did it [the 207 game]," the 117-average bowler said. "And I don't know how I bowled so badly after I threw it."

Will Fleming, born and raised in Carroll County, started duckpin bowling in 1945. With a 122 average, he has a high series of 486.

"I have some good days," he said, "and I have some bad days."

Described by Mount Airy Lanes owner Joe Rineer as a "model bowler, smooth and easy on the lanes," he had one of the "good days" on April 21 when he threw his 207 game.

That was just two days after he celebrated his 80th birthday.

A pretty good day

Dorsey Carpenter Sr. lives in Eldersburg and has been bowling "for 20 years, off and on." Currently bowling in a single league, the Sunday Early Mixed at Mount Airy lanes, he carries a 118 average.

On April 18, he had what he called "a pretty good day." That's a modest way of saying that he had his career high game and his career high series.

Starting slowly, Carpenter threw an opening game of 106, jumped to 154 for the second game and finished with a remarkable 221 for a 481 set.

Youths advance to nationals

The National Duckpin Youth Association's Maryland State Regional tournaments on April 9, 10 and 12 determined the youth teams that will advance to the national Coca-Cola finals in Baltimore in June.

Three of the teams are from Mount Airy. The fourth team is the Pinkillers from Thunderhead Westminster. A fifth team, the Pee Wee division Strikers from Thunderhead, won their division but the Pee Wees, due to their age, do not take part in the national finals.

The Strikers team consists of Samantha Fertitta, 3, with a 49 average; Billy Thompson, 6, a 70 average; Matt Thomas, 4, a 42 average, a blind in the fourth position and Ronnie Anderson, 5, with a 61 average.

The Pinkillers, coached by Weldon Bowers of Manchester, consisted of Darrin Bowers, Scott Greenholtz, Angie Beacham, Dave Boczek and Mike Sullivan.

Bowers, 16, a junior at North Carroll High, lives in Manchester with his parents, Weldon and Margaret Bowers. Bowling since he was 4 years old, he carries a 105 average with a high game of 149 and a high set of 376 in the Saturday morning youth league at Thunderhead.

"I did slow down my approach some," he said. "That seemed to help but mostly we [the team] just had a good day."

Greenholtz, 14, lives in Westminster with his parents, Janice and Sam Greenholtz. A pitcher/first baseman in the Babe Ruth baseball league, he's been bowling about four years. His average is 105, his high game 174 and high set is 392.

"My baseball coach says I do better under pressure," he said.

His high game in the tournament was the second game, a nifty 148 that was the cornerstone for a 385 set.

Beacham, 14, lives in Westminster with her parents, Ann and Mike Beacham. Bowling for six years, she's in the eighth grade at East Middle School. Owner of a 98 average, she's thrown a single game in excess of 150 and has a high set of 376.

"I personally didn't bowl all that great [right around her average]," she said, "but the team really held me up."

Boczek, 15, is a Westminster resident. His 110 average is high for the Pinkillers.

Sullivan, 13, and his parents, Nancy and John Sullivan, live in Westminster. An eighth-grader at West Middle School, he carries a 94 average with a high single game of 164.

The Pinkillers shot a scratch score of 1,659, an average of 331 for each member, and with handicap posted their winning total of 2,106.

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