Work ethic proving Blizzard's best shot South Carroll midfielder earns praise

May 02, 1993|By Jeff Seidel | Jeff Seidel,Contributing Writer

South Carroll lacrosse coach Gene Brown likes to talk about Cavaliers midfielder Brad Blizzard. Brown quickly will praise the senior's blazing shot, his quickness and his dodging ability.

But bring up the subject of Blizzard's work ethic, and Brown becomes effusive in his praise.

"I know I'm going to get the best effort out of [him]," said Brown. "He's the kind of guy I love to coach."

Brown said that Blizzard is one of the hardest workers on the South Carroll squad. That work ethic helped make Blizzard the team's second-leading scorer through seven games with 15 goals.

Blizzard played on the varsity last year and had some success. This year, however, he blossomed as an offensive threat. And the main reason for that is simple:

Hard work.

"Each year I've progressed," said Blizzard. "I've progressed to where I can be a real consistent player."

Blizzard set up a goal at his house and spends lots of time shooting. He works with the goal at least four times a week during spring and summer.

"I go out there and shoot, shoot, shoot from all different angles," said Blizzard. "I [want to] feel comfortable from every spot on the field."

Blizzard demonstrated his importance on offense during the team's only loss of the season, a 14-5 decision for Centennial.

Centennial scored two goals early in the game and appeared ready to blow the game open.

Enter Blizzard.

He got the ball shortly after the second goal and found himself man-on-man against a Centennial defender. With the field open in front of him, Blizzard quickly whirled, left the Eagles' defender in the dust and fired in a bullet for the Cavaliers' first goal.

Centennial scored two more for a 4-1 lead. Blizzard answered again for South Carroll (7-1), slicing the lead to two. Centennial then broke the game open with four goals before halftime, but Blizzard had helped keep the Cavaliers within shouting distance.

"I go on instinct," said Blizzard. "When I get a feeling, I go after it."

Blizzard got the feeling for lacrosse in the fifth grade. He played rec lacrosse for four years, and then made the South Carroll junior varsity for two years before joining the varsity last year.

Blizzard spends time throughout the year playing lacrosse. In the past year, he competed in an indoor league in the winter as well as a summer league.

He also played varsity football for two years. Blizzard worked at safety as a junior before Brown placed him at outside linebacker in 1992.

"He's a tough kid," said Brown.

Lacrosse, however, is his favorite sport, and the one he puts most of his energy into.

And others have noticed.

"He's always working hard to perfect his game," said South Carroll assistant coach Joe McCulloh. "When you turn the lights on, he's ready to play. It's like there's one thing on his mind, and that's to get the job done. You can see it in his eyes."

Brown said you can see it in his actions also, especially after the game. The coach said Blizzard always appears nearly exhausted when the final whistle blows.

Blizzard said that's the way he should feel. If not, the senior said, something is not right.

"You've got to do it on the field; that's where it counts," said Blizzard. "I try to do my best each game."

Blizzard said the entire team works hard, and that's a big reason for the Cavaliers' early success.

For Blizzard, whose favorite group is Led Zeppelin, the song remains the same. Just work hard.

"As long as you give your best, you should be happy with yourself," said Blizzard. "I give my best every game. It's worth it. you feel better inside."

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