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May 02, 1993

Ron Kupferman

For more than 30 years, I have been an active, important part of Aberdeen. A 1958 Aberdeen High School graduate, I bought my first house in Aberdeen shortly after my marriage in 1963. That marked the beginning of a growing involvement in the community and the government, marked by a consistent concern for the city I love. I'll never leave Aberdeen. This is home.

My involvement in civic organizations began in 1971, as a member of the Jaycees. I served as president in 1975, and, in 1977, was selected to be a senator, the organization's highest honor. I have been a member of the Lions' Club since 1985 and the Rotary Club since 1986. . . . My spirit of community involvement has been noticed -- and appreciated.

In 1978, I was elected commissioner of Aberdeen, and served as mayor for several years. During the total of 14 years I have served the community, I have seen Aberdeen grow from a small town to a thriving city, and I have been a vital part of its development. . . . Of the vast number of successful projects in Aberdeen since my election to the City Council, I was involved in the following:

* Commercial development in west Aberdeen, to include Beards Hill Plaza and Klein's, the Sheraton and Holiday Inn hotels, Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union and the new Aberdeen Marketplace, due to open its Mars grocery store soon. And, I supported increased commercial development around the city, to include the Clorox plant.

* The west Aberdeen water tower.

* The community swimming pool, run by the YMCA.

* Aberdeen's centennial celebration.

* The Aberdeen Room Museum, which has continued to grow since the city celebrated its 100th anniversary.

* Festival Park.

* Rigdon Road sewer project.

* The Boys and Girls Club.

* The new senior citizens center. . . .

* The first senior citizen van in the city.

I recently celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary with my wife, Ingrid. We have two children: Lisa, 29, and Michael, 23.

James Vancherie

My list of issues over the next couple of years is as follows:

* Expansion of Waste Water Treatment: This is tied directly to our future growth.

* Mandates: These are costly to the city budget and we would work hard to convince our state and federal representatives not to impose these mandates unless they are funded.

* Lily Run Clean-up.

* Annexation: To straighten out boundaries around Old Post and Route 40 areas.

SC * Budget: The concern will be that our revenues are being spent properly and that funding is available to maintain the level of services which our citizens deserve.

* Public Safety: It is crucial to keep our police, fire and ambulance departments strong and well-equipped in order to protect and serve.

* Post Road Improvements: This will improve Post Road for both residential and commercial establishments through a state project.

* Playground Equipment: The playground is long overdue for new equipment.

* Comprehensive Plan: This is an example of a mandatory update by the state and it should fund this update.

Rene A. Lambert

1. The city is currently looking at expansion of the sewage treatment plant and a preliminary design for expansion has been completed. In addition, a contract was just approved to design a biological nutrient removal system to improve the quality of effluent discharged into the bay. Thus, the city has already laid the groundwork for expansion. Availability of low-interest funding grants will be a major factor in the ultimate decision of when to proceed.

2. The city must participate more actively in promoting tourism. . . . The city should take an active role in establishing the Lower Greenway Hiking Trail. Since our museums are major attractions, every possible assistance should be provided them.

3. The Comprehensive Plan should address the following (This list is neither all-inclusive nor is it prioritized):

* Annexation, short range: Straighten the present city boundaries.

* Annexation, long range: Expand boundaries for both industrial and residential development.

* Preserve historic structures.

* Zoning: Strengthen/establish specific design regulations for each land use area.

* Waterfront: Limit development; provide better public accessibility; additional transient moorings.

I believe the recession and the resultant diminished federal and state funds will still be a factor affecting us for the next two years. Therefore, we must make wise use of what we have and continue to provide strong, efficient leadership.

John P. Correri Jr.

The following briefly describes those issues which the city of Havre de Grace faces in the next two years:

* Budget: This will be the most important issue. The governing body has a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility and therefore plans to maximize the benefit of our revenues, carefully oversee the progress of our projects, use to the fullest capacity the services of the various city departments, and deliver services to our citizens.

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