From The Sun May 2-8, 1843May 2: May Fair -- This is the...


May 02, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 2-8, 1843

May 2: May Fair -- This is the last day of the Fair of St. Peter's Church in Sharp Street. Give the ladies a call.

May 3: A friend enquires whether there is not a city ordinance to prevent boys from flying kites in the street. We answer, there seems to be not much regard paid to it, to judge from the number of boys engaged in the amusement.

From The Sun May 2-8, 1893

May 2: Jas. Tomer, charged with being a deserter from the United States cavalry at Fort Meyer, Va., was yesterday delivered to the commandant at Fort McHenry by Captain Cadwallader of the Western District.

May 3: Vengeance upon the "lily-white" members of the Republican Party was declared last night at a meeting of the Monumental Colored Literary and Scientific Association of Grace Presbyterian Church. Harry S. Cummings, the colored ex-City Councilman from the eleventh ward, made an address on "Our Side of the Lily-White Republican Movement."

From The Sun May 2-8, 1943

May 3: The Liberty Ship James R. Randall, named in honor of the journalist who wrote the lyrics of the Free State anthem, "Maryland, My Maryland," was launched yesterday at the Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards.

May 5: Second Lieutenant Harry Wallace Baldwin, of Towson, 23-year-old son of Representative and Mrs. H. Streett Baldwin, has been missing in action in North Africa since April 16, his parents were notified today.

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