Sykesville Election Endorsements CARROLL COUNTY

April 30, 1993

Voters in Sykesville have not been turning out for their local elections in great number. Of the town's approximately 1,100 registered voters, fewer than 200 cast ballots in the last election. Next Tuesday, a contested race for mayor may help reverse this trend.

After three terms as mayor, Lloyd R. Helt Jr. is stepping down. He steadily managed the town in boom times -- its population has grown by 50 percent since 1980, to 2,700 -- while helping to protect Sykesville's small-town feel. Mr. Helt, who took office in 1981, also is leaving the town in sound financial shape.

His successor will have to accommodate the effects of $l continuing growth, particularly the increased traffic. This problem has been most evident in the debate over the alignment of the Obrecht Road extension to Route 32.

Changes in the town's charter set to take effect after this election will increase mayoral power. The mayor will have a vote on the council and will be able to introduce ordinances.

With only three candidates running for three council seats, Sykesville residents will have no choice for the council. Incumbents Eugene E. Johnson and Julie A. Kaus and political newcomer Garth Adams are all but assured of being elected.

Competing for mayor, however, are Kenneth W. Clark, a current member of the council, and Maxine C. Wooleyhand, a former councilwoman who lost her bid for re-election two years ago.

Mr. Clark, a development manager for Bell Atlantic, has demonstrated a mastery of the budget. He also has played a role in creating the town's Historic Commission and renovating the local train station.

Mrs. Wooleyhand, a 25-year Sykesville resident, helped in encouraging residents to recycle. She also edited the town's newsletter. She promises to be accessible by having an office in the Town House -- which is how Sykesville refers to its town hall.

At a time when revenues are scarce, Mr. Clark's business-like approach to governing is impressive. He helped develop a system to discipline municipal spending and adjust it when necessary. He also has demonstrated a willingness to listen to a variety of views before reaching decisions. We think he would make an able successor to Mr. Helt.

For Sykesville mayor, The Sun endorses Kenneth W. Clark.

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