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April 30, 1993|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

R. Dixon H. Harvey Jr. is hoping that a new name will spark new image for the Carrolltowne Mall.

The president of Black Rock Associates, which purchased the Eldersburg enclosed shopping center in late January, announced yesterday that it will now be known as Carrolltown Center.

"We see Carrolltown as the dominant community shopping center in the market," said Mr. Harvey, lead manager for Carrolltown. "We don't see our competition being Cranberry or Owings Mills malls. We see our competition as the community shopping centers, and there really are none within a 20- to 25-minute drive."

The relatively new owner isn't stopping with a new name.

Mr. Harvey, who has said he expects to spend more than $1 million on renovations, said King Design in Columbia and Kann and Associates of Baltimore have drawn plans for a renovated main entrance, including red-lettered signs, a yellow awning and a new facade across the top.

"We're using the colors that Kmart and Ace are currently using," he said.

A five-year plan to renovate the parking lot includes more clearly marked spaces, pedestrian crosswalks, brighter lighting and signs telling customers which parking lots are closest to the store at which they are shopping.

"Our basic focus is to make Carrolltown easier for our customers to shop," Mr. Harvey said.

Inside the center, food court tables will be rearranged and electronic fluorescent lighting, similar to that in the Carrolltown Fashion Bug, will be installed.

"The merchandise colors really punch out because of this type of lighting," Mr. Harvey said. "It's better lighting and covers the color spectrum better."

Also, some plants have been moved away from the interior fountain, making it more visible.

"We've made it more accessible and more of a focal point," Mr. Harvey said. "Now the kids can walk right up to it. Kids love to see the water and throw a penny in it."

New advertising, to begin later in May, will tout the center's changes and tag line, "Carrolltown Center: the right stores, right here." A second media blitz is planned for the fall, just after the renovations are complete, Mr. Harvey said.

"We're going to be stressing the value and convenience that we offer," he said.

Mr. Harvey said he is also planning to sponsor a scholarship to be awarded this spring to a graduating Liberty High School senior.

Application guidelines are still being developed, but company officials are considering honoring either a learning-disabled student or one who is interested in a career in retail.

"It will be something different and not strictly grade-based," he said. "There are a lot of scholarships offered on merit, and they're all worthwhile. But I'd like the opportunity to recognize some of the kids' other skills."

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