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April 30, 1993

2 men charged with stealing Rottweiler from Odenton yard

County police have charged two men with stealing a Rottweiler puppy from the front yard of an Odenton home.

The men were arrested Wednesday after police traced them to an automotive shop in the 1800 block of Jackson Grove Road in Severn.

Police said a resident of the 8200 block of Lokus Road told them Tuesday that her neighbor saw two men chasing her dog around her front yard, then taking the dog with them in a red Jeep with a black vinyl top.

Officers found the Jeep parked in front of the automotive shop, where the owner of the vehicle told them he had lent it to two other men so they could get lunch.

Police arrested the two when they returned to the store the next day.

Donald Earl Rucker, 20, of the 6000 block of River Birch Court in Hanover, and Kevin Maurice Dukes, 22, of the 4900 block of Columbia Road in Columbia, were each charged with theft of the 14-week-old puppy.

The men told police they did not take the dog from the Odenton home, but found it playing in the median strip of Route 170.

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