Board lawyer decries Price comment

April 30, 1993|By Carol L. Bowers and Thomas W. Waldron | Carol L. Bowers and Thomas W. Waldron,Staff Writers Staff writer Kris Antonelli contributed to this article.

Ronald W. Price, the Anne Arundel County teacher accuse of sexually abusing three of his students, showed "reprehensible" behavior by saying publicly that he may be carrying the AIDS virus, the attorney for the county school board said yesterday.

P. Tyson Bennett, the lawyer, said the victims have already been "devastated" by Mr. Price.

"To scare the hell out of them like this -- it's unconscionable," he said. "He's done enough to these girls."

Mr. Price, 49, has been charged with three counts of sexual child abuse, one involving a current student and two involving graduates who came forward after the first charges were filed. He has admitted having affairs with underage students at Northeast High School and disclosed through his attorneys Wednesday that he was concerned that he may have contracted the AIDS virus.

"I wonder if this is one more attempt to sensationalize this case or is it for real?" asked Carolyn Roeding, president of the County Council of PTAs. "If it's to sensationalize this, its appalling. If it's for real, it's going to scare everyone."

The announcement was just the latest twist in a disturbing tale that already has been told on national television twice. "Every morning I wake up and think what new and appalling thing is going to happen today," Ms. Roeding said.

Mr. Price has formally appealed his suspension from his teaching position.

Northeast officials, meanwhile, planned to have a special school program today to stress school pride. The negative press attention "is not doing the school or the students any good," said Principal Joseph Carducci.

Students will read essays about school pride and a cash prize will be awarded. Students also will be able to participate in a trivia contest and teachers "will recount past traditions," Mr. Carducci said.

"This is just a most, most, most unfortunate thing," Mr. Carducci said, "and right now it looks like that's all Northeast is. And that's not true."

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