April 29, 1993

Catonsville man is charged in shoplifting at Ames store

A Catonsville man has been charged with theft after he allegedly shoplifted some $400 worth of merchandise from the Ames store in the 8100 block of Ritchie Highway.

Charles Arthur Streat, 24, of the 1200 block of Arunah Ave. was arrested Monday about 6 p.m., county police said, after he allegedly placed more than $400 worth of merchandise -- bedding and clothing in a shopping cart and left the store without paying.

Police said the suspect ran when a store security guard approached him. A police officer spotted the man running north on Ritchie Highway and followed him into a wooded area off Route 100 where he was apprehended.

Mr. Streat told the officer he was running because he became scared by the store security officer who was yelling at him.

Toddler badly bitten by neighbor's dog

A 2-year-old Pasadena boy was severely injured Tuesday when he was attacked by a neighbor's dog, county police said.

The child, Ryan Dailey, was treated at North Arundel Hospital for cuts on his hand and head.

Charles Kucherer of the 600 block of Pine Drive told police he was working in his garage when he heard a scream coming from his back yard. He went to investigate and saw Ryan bleeding from the hand, then discovered the head wounds.

The mixed breed dog has had a rabies vaccination as well as others shots.

But Animal Control officials removed the dog because of the severity of the injuries.

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