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April 29, 1993

Neighborhoods plan to clean up parks

Annapolis will celebrate its own version of Earth Day on Saturday with a cleanup of parks in every neighborhood of the city.

This year's theme of the annual GreenScape celebration is "Gateways to the City." Volunteers will plant flowers and spread grass seeds and wood chips to spruce up the roads leading into the city.

Midshipmen from the Naval Academy will help volunteers with the bigger projects of building bridges and trails.

Last year, GreenScape volunteers built a footbridge over the headwaters of Spa Creek between Bates Middle School and a conservation center. They also planted hundreds of lily bulbs along the banks of College Creek at St. Anne's Cemetery, near the entrance of the city.

This year, volunteers will plant trees and flowers along Rowe Boulevard, build a bridge over a marsh that connects a hiking trail through the conservation center off Silopanna Road and participate in other cleanup projects.

Volunteers who are interested in participating should call Pam Baker at the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department at (410) 263-7959; or Alderman Ellen Moyer at (410) 269-6828.

Teen charged in thefts from cars

A 17-year-old Riva youth has been charged as a juvenile with the theft of items ranging from bowling balls to flashlights from vehicles parked in Hamilton Estates.

Police arrested the youth around 4:30 a.m. Monday after he was spotted in the neighborhood. He has been charged with seven counts of theft from automobiles.

One resident had called police after he was awakened to the sound of his garage door opening around 3 a.m. The resident went out to find his 1987 Ford Bronco had been tampered with, and several cassettes were missing.

Another resident discovered his 1987 Chevy Blazer had been broken into and a case of cassette tapes and a VHS movie were taken from the vehicle. The owner of a 1985 Ford Ranger reported a flashlight was taken from his vehicle.

A third said that several vehicles parked in front of his home had been ransacked. A wallet, a black leather pouch, a bowling bag containing two bowling balls, a wrist restraint, and a nylon briefcase were missing.

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