Rush Limbaugh, Clinton pal put their 'feud' to rest

April 29, 1993|By Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Bill Clinton's most acerbic critic and Hillary Clinton's best pal finally have found something they agree on: Reports of bad blood between them are ridiculous.

A supposed rift between conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, friend of the Clintons and TV producer, came up on Mr. Limbaugh's TV show last week. During a lampoon of Earth Day, the host's "man in Washington" interviewed John Ritter, star of "Hearts Afire," which was created by Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason. Mr. Ritter challenged Mr. Limbaugh to bury the hatchet with Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason and appear on his series.

Mr. Limbaugh responded, "I didn't know I was enemies with Linda Bloodworth-Thomason."

He added that he would be happy to appear on the show -- "I'll give you some ratings, too," he said. Mr. Limbaugh's program is one of the breakout hits in syndication this season.

To demonstrate that their political disagreements are good-natured, Mr. Limbaugh, who got to spend a night at the White House during the Bush administration, said he made arrangements to have a note left for Linda, who with her husband, Harry, slept in the Lincoln bedroom on inauguration night as guests of the Clintons.

"I wrote, 'Dear Linda, Remember I was here first and I will be back.' "

Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason confirmed that there was such a note on her pillow. "He must have an in with someone on the White House staff. We're trying to find out who the guy is so we can

get him fired," she said in a joking tone.

She tweaked right back. "Tell him that by the time there is another Republican in the White House, he'll be too old to enjoy sleeping there."

As for a feud between them, she said, "Don't be silly. That's the last thing I need."

It's easy to see how trouble-stirrers could invent such a story. Mr. Limbaugh takes delight in being known as President Clinton's No. 1 detractor. The Thomasons are given credit for suggesting several of Mr. Clinton's most effective campaign ploys last year.

What's more, Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason told TV writers last summer that she planned to have Mr. Limbaugh, who puts down militant members of the women's rights movement as "femi-Nazis," appear as himself on "Designing Women" to debate politics with the feminist character played by Dixie Carter.

"I was dying to write that show, but so many things came up I didn't get around to it," she explained. In addition to serving as campaign advisers to the Clintons, the Thomasons were running three series: "Hearts Afire," "Designing Women" and "Evening Shade."

Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason and Mr. Limbaugh have had a quasi-relationship since their childhoods. "Rush grew up near my hometown in Missouri," she said. "He comes from a family of lawyers and I come from a family of lawyers. My father and his father often met each other in court. We've never met, but I almost married one of his cousins."

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