April 28, 1993

DNR considers 6-knot limit at creek entrance

Boaters would have to slow down around the entrance to Bodkin Creek and under the Route 173 bridge on Stony Creek if the state Department of Natural Resources adopts a 6-knot speed limit in those areas.

DNR spokesman John Verrico said the agency is considering limiting speeds after officials witnessed several near-accidents at the mouth of Bodkin Creek, a narrow channel only 75 feet wide.

During a one-hour period, officials counted 90 boats passing through the channel, Mr. Verrico said. "There have been several noted incidents where boats were passing so close that they knocked others out of control," he said.

DNR police also recommended a speed limit for a 200-yard zone under the Stony Creek bridge, Mr. Verrico said.

The limits have been reviewed and recommended by the Boat Act Advisory Committee.

For more information, call the DNR Boating Administration at tTC 974-2916. Written comments can be addressed to the Boating Administration, 580 Taylor Ave. E-4, Annapolis 21401.


* Green Haven: Several items were stolen from a boat docked in the yard of a home in the 800 block of 220th St. The stolen property included a depth finder, two vinyl front seats, a 15-pound anchor, a 12V battery, a canvas bikini top, a spare tire and a six-gallon gas tank, with a total value of $1,000. The items were discovered missing Sunday; it had been more than a month since the boat had last been checked.

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