Endorsements in Havre de Grace

April 28, 1993

If there's heightened electricity in the air around Havre de Grace these days, blame it on the swollen Susquehanna pushing the turbines faster at the Conowingo Dam upriver. One surely can't attribute it to politics.

Approaching Tuesday's municipal election for three open council seats in Havre de Grace, the three incumbents quietly stand on their records, while two first-time challengers maintain no great disagreements with the mayor or the council.

Just the fact that Mayor Gunther D. Hirsch is unopposed for a third term -- after he pushed the municipality to borrow $800,000 to build an exceptionally ugly new city hall that was designed by his son-in-law -- says much about general civic satisfaction and the lack of political excitement.

Certainly, there have been differences of opinion in that city of 8,800 over a downtown business revival plan, over family day care in residential communities, over year-end bonuses for municipal employees. But few citizens have prodded the hopefuls about their stands on any controversies.

None of the candidates foresees a tax rate increase, and all favor expansion of public services to new areas, larger sewage treatment facilities, managed growth and more tourism promotion.

The incumbents are: six-term councilman John P. Correri Jr., an insurance account representative; Rene A. Lambert, a retired manager-engineer at Aberdeen Proving Ground finishing his first term; and James C. Vancherie Jr., a two-term member with a variety of family business interests.

The newcomers are: Charles A. Maslin, who runs a sound-engineering firm and a comedy club, and Henry J. Schreiber, a former New York policeman who manages a credit card processing center.

Mr. Maslin offers some new ideas and challenges to the council. He wants to eliminate inequitable water rates for businesses and to tax the rental properties owned by non-profit groups.

Mr. Correri and Mr. Lambert offer technical and business perspectives, as well as extensive civic experience, to merit re-election. Mr. Vancherie has dismissed the downtown revival initiative and the state-required comprehensive plan for guiding and coordinating city policies, positions with which we strongly disagree. Mr. Schreiber is new to the area, but can be expected to develop more specific positions on municipal issues in the future.

In Tuesday's election, The Sun recommends John Correri, Rene Lambert and Charles Maslin for the Havre de Grace City Council.

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