U.S. must act to stop new HolocaustIt strikes me as...

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April 28, 1993

U.S. must act to stop new Holocaust

It strikes me as hypocritical in the extreme to carry on about the Holocaust, which happened over 50 years ago, and to do next to nothing to prevent one going on right now in Bosnia.

The United States and its sanctions are a joke. Has anyone noticed any letup in attack on defenseless civilians?

Nothing less than a well-placed bomb or two will stop the Serbs. Ruthless action for ruthless people. It looks like it is the only action they will understand.

If something decisive isn't done soon, the poor women hoeing in the dirt in Sarajevo, trying to raise a few vegetables for food, will all be dead before harvest time.

Diane Anderson


Out of the ashes

The tragic fire at My Sister's Place Lodge was one of those rare occurrences that engenders great sadness and great hope simultaneously. The loss of three women struggling against overwhelming odds leaves all of us who do this work at a loss for words. The senselessness of the act of arson and the pain of the loss defy rational explanation.

Yet, in the midst of this sorrow, all of us at Catholic Charities cannot help but be hopeful people as we experience the wonderful outreach of our community in its response to this tragedy. The prayers of hundreds of people of all faiths for these women, the gifts of time, money, food and clothing from individuals, corporations, foundations and our dedicated volunteers, all helped us through this period.

One group stands out, though -- the staff at My Sister's Place and the lodge. They put in some extraordinary hours under very emotionally trying conditions while remaining sensitive, compassionate and empathetic. They helped the remaining women at My Sister's Place Lodge deal with this tragedy as well as teach the rest of us what the Easter message is all about. We are all in their debt.

arold A. Smith


Cost of clean air

The cost of the environmental movement has been estimated to be $120 billion to $300 billion annually. The true cost is hidden in the programs that follow each declaration of danger to our environment.

There are many examples of this. Acid rain has increased the cost of electricity. The cost of the hole in the ozone layer has yet to be determined, but is now being felt when air conditioners are serviced . . .

The California car law passed on April 7 is the latest example of a political and environmental misadventure. The cost of the program is $200 to $1,800 per car, depending on who makes the predictions.

The law is based on the assumption that automobile exhaust creates smog which then reacts with sunlight to chemically produce ozone.

Ozone is produced when molecular and atomic oxygen co-exist. This is true for all levels of the atmosphere because of the action of ultraviolet light on oxygen. It may also be true in the sea due to chemical reactions that take place when salt is dissolved in water.

There is no free oxygen in automobile exhaust. Carbon monoxide, the most dangerous of the exhaust gases, is formed by a lack of oxygen in the combustion process.

The greatest concentration of ozone exists in the country where the sun's rays are the least filtered. The California car law affects all car owners. Basically what that means is that Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore and the southern counties, those that have the greatest concentration of ozone in the state and are not considered in danger, will be penalized because Baltimore with less ozone is perceived to be in danger.

Even at $200, the cost of the California car law is atrocious. Baltimore has far more serious problems than dirty air. Redirecting just a fraction of the money now spent on clean air could help cure some of those problems.

Martin Sanders


Parents' role

I would like to respond to the death of a 14-year-old youth, shot by a police officer who was doing his job.

The parents cry they want their baby back, but where were these parents when their 14-year-old child was out roaming the streets?

The parents are responsible for this child's death more so than the officer who was doing his job.

Discipline begins at home and not on the streets of Baltimore at 1 o'clock in morning.

If the child hasn't learned, then the parents haven't taught!

Sarah Fletcher


Never again?

Benjamin Ginsberg, offspring of Holocaust survivors and political scientist at Johns Hopkins University, recently characterized the new United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as ''a warning of what's happened, and that needs to be understood to prevent it from happening again.''

If this memorial is an example of our 20/20 hindsight, then Bosnia-Herzegovina is glaring testimony to our current myopia.

Janice Popick Rosenzweig


Cops for rent

Baltimore County Executive Roger Hayden recently stated on television that moonlighting county police would be allowed to wear their uniforms while working as private citizens. They are being allowed to do this to be more effective and not look like "rent-a-cops."

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