Stabbing suspect is killed by police BALTIMORE CITY

April 27, 1993|By David Michael Ettlin | David Michael Ettlin,Staff Writer

A Baltimore police officer shot and fatally wounded a knife-wielding man yesterday after he allegedly broke into a home and stabbed two people, one of whom had been dating his estranged wife, authorities said.

The man was outside his wife's rented East Baltimore rowhouse in the 2200 block of Cecil Ave., holding two bloodstained knives over his head and insisting that "you're going to have to . . . kill me," when he was shot three times, said police spokesman Sam Ringgold.

He was identified as Gordon B. Coleman, 36, of the 400 block of Lorraine Ave., police said. A Johns Hopkins Hospital spokesman said Mr. Coleman died in surgery last night. Police said he was wounded in the leg and hip, and a bullet grazed his head.

Police said Mr. Coleman was still in a highly agitated state when he arrived in the emergency room and at one point he jumped from a stretcher and attempted to punch an attending physician. nTC His punch missed and he was restrained by staff members.

Several neighbors witnessed the Cecil Avenue confrontation and were being questioned by homicide detectives last night.

A 10-year-old girl who had been standing across the street, Candice Jenkins, said she saw the man "begging" the police to kill him. According to Candice, the man said, "Come on now, come on now, kill me," while one of the officers implored, "Mister, please drop the knife."

Mr. Ringgold said the man lunged toward the officers when one of them -- Andre Bonaparte, 29, a 5 1/2 -year veteran assigned to the Eastern District -- fired three shots.

The spokesman said officers had been called to the home of Mr. Gordon's wife -- Doretta Coleman, 34 -- Sunday night because of an altercation between the two. She arrived after the shooting, carrying a court order for her husband to stay away from her, the spokesman said.

The stabbings -- neither resulting in serious injury -- occurred about 4 p.m. at a rowhouse two blocks away, in the 2300 block of Garrett Ave. The victims, ages 30 and 46, also were being questioned by detectives, who routinely investigate police-related shootings.

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