Board to hear late requests by property owners to rezone

April 26, 1993|By Erik Nelson | Erik Nelson,Staff Writer

Property owners making late requests in Howard County's comprehensive rezoning will have a second opportunity to make their case during a meeting tomorrow before the Planning Board.

The board, which considered requests last fall, intends to listen to several petitioners who have applied since then.

County planners released recommendations Friday on 29 late zoning requests. They recommended only six changes from their original proposals. The Planning Board will consider those recommendations plus information from tomorrow's meeting before forwarding its suggestions to the Zoning Board, which is expected to make a final decision by late summer.

The Planning Board will meet at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow in the George Howard county office building.

The list brought good news for residents of the Aladdin Village trailer park in Elkridge who had worried about a plan to build a 100-bay truck terminal on land next to the park. St. Charles Realty, a holding company for Maryland National Bank, was seeking to rezone about 19 acres for the truck terminal.

But since the request emerged at a March 4 zoning board hearing, a trucking company involved in the project has backed out, said Marsha McLaughlin, deputy planning and zoning director.

As a result, St. Charles has no problem with the county administration's original plan to convert the entire 59.5-acre parcel to mobile home zoning, she said.

If County Council members, sitting as the Zoning Board, decide that any of the requests have merit, they must schedule a public hearing on them.

County planners also rejected an effort to change traditional half-acre residential zoning in Marshalee Woods in Elkridge to "residential-environmental development." The category allows

two homes per net acre, but clustered away from sensitive areas such as steep slopes and flood plains.

Cathy Hudson, president of the Elkridge Community Association, said the Marshalee request was inappropriate and she was pleased that planners had rejected it.

Ms. Hudson said she also was pleased that developers of a 19-acre parcel on Montgomery Road failed to get support for the townhouse or four-units-per-acre cluster zoning they sought.

The largest of the six requests that were endorsed is actually less dense than the zoning originally sought by county planners.

The owners of a 165-acre tract north of Old Frederick Road at the end of U.S. 29 had sought a new category to allow three homes per net acre clustered away from sensitive areas. But the entire category was eliminated by the zoning board.

Instead, the department has recommended the two-units-per acre environmental zoning for the property, as requested by developer Donald R. Reuwer Jr.

One rezoning request that eluded the attention of community activists and observers also was rejected by the department.

Carol Young requested that 26.4 acres on Trotter Road in Clarksville be rezoned from rural, which allows residential lots of at least three acres, to mixed-use.

The new mixed use category, which was bitterly opposed by growth-control advocates, would allow a mix of apartments, houses, businesses and shops, following an intensive approval process.

The Zoning Board is tentatively scheduled to debate mixed-use zoning at its next comprehensive rezoning work session May 10.

Last-minute rezoning requests*

Location .. .. .. Acres .. Current .. .. Requested .. .. Staff

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. zoning ... .. zoning .. .. .. plan

Rt. 144 at ... .. 55.1 ... R-ED .. .. .. R-ED-3 .. .. .. R-ED

Manor Lane

North of Rt. 99 . 165.3 .. R .. .. .. .. R-ED and ... .. R-ED

at U.S. 29 R-SC

Landing Road . .. 58.6 ... R-20 .. .. .. R-ED-3 .. .. .. R-ED

Marshalee Woods . 48.7 ... R-20 .. .. R-ED or R-12 .. .. R-20

U.S. 29 at Johns. 68.2 ... PEC ... .. .. R-A-15, . .. .. PEC

Hopkins Road . .. .. .. .. ... ... .. R-SA-8 or R-SC

Port Capital Drive 59.5 .. B-2 or ... R-MH . .. .. .. .. R-MH

Rt. 175 and I-95 ... .. .. M-1

1 at Rt. 175. 65 . .. R-MH .. .. .. M-1 .. .. .. .. R-MH

* for more than 30 acres


R: 3-acre residential lots ... R-ED: Two homes per acre clustered away from environmental features ... R-ED-3: 3 homes per acre, clustered (deleted from proposed regulations) ... R-20: Half-acre residential lots ... R-SC: Four residential units per acre, clustered ... R-SA-8: Townhouses ... R-A-15: Apartments ... R-MH: Mobile homes ... B-1: Local business ... B-2: General business ... M-1: Light manufacturing ... PEC: Planned employment center.

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