Tenpins switch is hit for WilesesBrothers excel under...


April 25, 1993|By DON VITEK

Tenpins switch is hit for Wileses

Brothers excel under Weber

Kelly Wiles, 12, lives in Ellicott City with his parents, Reda and Robert Wiles. He started bowling tenpins at Brunswick Normandy in January. It didn't take him long to pick up the finer points of the game, that is, winning.

"I started Kelly and Jonathon [his younger brother] at duckpin," Reda said. "But I switched them to tenpins because of Buddy Weber [coach for the YABA league at Normandy Lanes]. He's done a great job working with both boys."

And Reda knows about tenpins; she averages 164.

Kelly Wiles carries a 71 average with a high game of 113 after just a few months of tenpins; Jonathon, 11, has a 57 average in the same length of time.

Throwing a 10-pound Lazer ball, Kelly pounded out games that were 37 pins over average to become Bowler of the Week in Division II for Week 26 of the season.

Passing a twin

Denise Everhart, 10, started bowling in September 1992, the beginning of the fall/winter bowling season.

A fourth-grader at Worthington Elementary, she lives in Ellicott City with her parents, Bill and Patricia Everhart. When she isn't on the lanes, you'll find her playing soccer or engaged in gymnastics.

Also, she has a twin, Lauren, who carries the same low 70s average as Denise.

For Week 26, Denise pulled away from her twin. That week she tossed games that were 51 pins over average to become Bowler of the Week.

"Both girls attended 'Learn To Bowl' classes at Normandy," Bill Everhart said. "That seemed to make a big difference in their ability to bowl, maybe as much as 20 pins difference in their averages."

Off to a great start

Mike Franklin of Woodlawn is in the third grade at Chadwick Elementary and bowls in the YABA on Saturday mornings at Brunswick Normandy. Mike, 8, is in his first year of league play.

"Bowling is the first organized sport that Mike's played," said Paulette Franklin, his mother. "His dad [Robert] didn't want him to become too involved with sports for a while. He'd rather have him concentrate on school."

It appears that Mike has been concentrating on his tenpin bowling, too. Throwing an 8-pound Gumball, he averages 60 and has a high game of 114, a high set of 318.

On Week 27 in Division I of the Saturday morning youth league at Normandy, Mike shot that high game of 114. That was 54 pins over average and earned him Bowler of the Week.

He's not a lightweight yet

Mike Rega has been bowling for a while longer than the above youngsters.

"I've been bowling tenpins for 60 years, more or less," Rega said. "My average has dropped a little since I've gotten older [he'll be 77 in July], and when I hurt my shoulder I had to use a lighter ball."

That average dropped from the 170s to its current 153 and the weight of the ball declined from 16 pounds to 12 pounds. His high game is 253, and he posted his high series, 623, in a New Jersey tournament.

The Ellicott City resident bowls in two leagues -- Club 55 at Normandy on Thursday and Club 55 at Columbia on Tuesday.

"I play golf, too," Rega said. "But I like bowling best."

It was in Week 27 at Columbia that Rega threw games that exceed his average by 76 pins. That was good enough to become Bowler of the Week.

He caught on quickly

Wes Jiles of Columbia bowls in one league -- the Club 55 at Brunswick Columbia.

Retired from the Stroh Brewing Company, Jiles started bowling two years ago and averages 122. Throwing a 15-pound Brunswick ball, Jiles exceed his average by 78 pins in the 28th week of the season to be awarded Bowler of the Week.

Give them an O

Brunswick Columbia has an Orioles League starting May 11. A meeting is set for May 4.

It's a 16-week season, five members on a team, handicapped, and at its conclusion everyone goes to an Orioles game at Camden Yards.

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