Name: Brad Evans of PasadenaVolunteer work: Whoever...


April 25, 1993

Name: Brad Evans of Pasadena

Volunteer work: Whoever designated April 20 as Youth Volunteer Day had people such as Brad Evans, a 14 year-old student at Severn River Junior High School, in mind.

As part of confirmation class requirements for St. John's Church in Severna Park, during his summer vacation Brad began volunteering at the Providence Center in Arnold two years ago.

He enjoyed the work so much he has continued to return to the facility during summers off from school and during Christmas holidays.

Providence Center assists with the training of people with developmental disabilities. The center manufactures items that are sold at the center's store, Earth Tones, next to the Arnold Senior Center.

Although he would like to put in more time volunteering, the center closes before Brad gets home from school. But Brad and his mother, Linda Evans, visit the facility occasionally throughout the year.

Brad believes his experiences at the center have taught him how to cope with persons who have disabilities. His mother says the volunteer work has "helped him mature."

Brad has also done volunteer work at the Arnold Senior Center, planting and weeding flower beds and shrubbery.

Volunteer's comment: After volunteering to work at the Providence Center almost two years ago, Brad says, "I liked it so much, I wanted to continue."

Organization's comment: Jean Paterson, the Providence Center's coordinator of volunteer and special services, says Brad "is mature and responsible beyond his years."

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