* Emil Synek,Emil Synek, 89, a Czech author and playwright...


April 25, 1993

* Emil Synek,Emil Synek, 89, a Czech author and playwright who opposed Hitler and communism, died April 12 in Paris after a brief illness. Mr. Synek was born in Prague, graduated from the Sorbonne and received a doctorate of law from Charles University in Prague in 1926. His first play was staged at the National Theater in Prague when he was 24. He wrote more than 20 plays and won a national literary prize in 1934. He retired in 1973.

* Paul D. Hurwitz,Paul D. Hurwitz, 77, a pioneer in the automatic car wash industry, died Tuesday in Elkins Park, Pa. He opened a car wash in Upper Darby, Pa., in 1949, using equipment he had designed. He later sold the business to Sherman Car Wash. He invented a soap foamer and conveyor belts for Sherman and held numerous patents for equipment used to wash cars.

* Frank Gaudette,Frank Gaudette, 57, Microsoft Corp.'s chief financial officer, died Friday after an eight-month battle with cancer. He also served as the company's executive vice president of operations, having joined Microsoft in September 1984 after holding top executive positions at C3, Informatics General, Rockwell International, Frito-Lay and other companies.

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