From The Sun April 25-May 1, 1843April 25: A party of boys...


April 25, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 25-May 1, 1843

April 25: A party of boys the other day turned up a lot of snakes in a state of retiracy, in a swamp near the Washington Road, about half a mile from the city. The boys killed and carried off sixty of them.

April 28: We learn that the six percent discount on city taxes paid on or before the first of May has had an exceedingly replenishing effect upon the treasury within a few days. Tax payers saw that money could be saved by prompt payment.

From The Sun April 25-May 1, 1893

April 26: Mr. Joseph Jefferson, the great actor, who is delighting large audiences at Ford's Grand Opera House this week with his inimitable dramatic picture of Rip Van Winkle, talked interestingly yesterday to a representative of The Sun about the stage and kindred subjects.

April 27: Electric cars were put in operation on the York Road branch of the City and Suburban Railway yesterday. The cars ran all afternoon without a hitch.

From The Sun April 25-May 1, 1943

April 25: Two bridges on Guadalcanal have been named in honor of Marylanders who died in action on that Southwest Pacific island, the War Department announced yesterday. The bridges were named for Second Lieutenant Charles Barkman, Catonsville, and for Private Lloyd P. Tyler, of Fishing Creek.

April 26: More than 100,000 persons enticed outdoors by a warm day yesterday found enjoyment in the city's parks.

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