Sheets For Youthful Suites

April 25, 1993|By Ro Logrippo | Ro Logrippo,Universal Press Syndicate

When is a bedsheet not a bedsheet? It sounds like a riddle, but the answer isn't a puzzler if you've eyed store displays, linen catalogs or decorating magazines where sheets act as much more than mattress cover-ups.

Look closely and you'll find sheets swirling above beds as canopies or masquerading over tables or vanities as skirts. Look again and they're window draperies.

Sheet makeovers enliven a child's room with color and pattern. But exercise restraint so you don't wind up with a cloth kingdom of colossal proportions.

You don't have to go overboard with dollars or details to do a good job decorating with sheets.

Consider sale, closeout or irregular merchandise, and keep in mind that solids and store brands cost less than name brands. But dye lots differ, so buy all you need at one time.

Before --ing out to sales, survey your daughter's or son's sleep area with them. Judging by how dated or worn the bedding is, determine if the room needs a little lift or a big one.

Accessories that pack a lot of punch and pleasure in a kid's room include these:

* Floor cushions: The bigger the better where kids are concerned.

* Wall art: Treat a boldly designed pillow sham or pillowcase as fabric art. Hang it, stretched on a frame, on a wall, or staple it over a bulletin board.

* Braided rug: Recycle old sheets by braiding a rug from fabric strips. Check at fabric and craft stores for braided rug instructions.

* Kites: Waves of fabric on a child's ceiling become a magic carpet or kite with a double sheet. For flair, use a patterned sheet on one side, a solid sheet on the other.

* Comforter cover: Don't shed an old comforter; get a new outer layer for it. Called a duvet, it zips or snaps over existing bedding. For a more personal and practical touch, make your own duvet with two sheets.

* Screen divider: Create privacy in a room siblings share with a free-standing screen paneled with fabric.

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