The fabulous fifties 20th-Century Collectibles

April 25, 1993|By Yolanda Garfield

Donna Reed would never set her table with four different kinds of dishes. But hey, welcome to the '90s. Retro is hot. Strict interpretation of the classic '50s style, is not.

At Zooks, a shop where 20th-century collectibles are taken seriously, owner/manager Stephen Basel explains that clients today put value in objects that make them smile. The '50s were full of fun and kitsch, colored in pastels. Modern meant better. Labor-saving devices were coming into the market. People were optimistic.

It's the last time many in this country can remember things being prosperous and good. Whether or not you count yourself among this generation, you can simulate those happy days by $l surrounding yourself with the era's eye-catching designs.

Today's reinterpretation of the best of those good times is

easier, more relaxed. There's no limit to the possible combinations of colors or shapes. Success in mixing and matching depends on the power of '50s design, a combination of rocket modern and down-home apple pie.

Zooks & Co., 525 N. Charles St., Baltimore, offers a finder's service.

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