By reading today's cover story, you'll learn that in...


April 25, 1993|By Michael Davis

By reading today's cover story, you'll learn that in matters o home design, fun is in.

If that's true (and I have no reason to doubt our eminently reliable cover story writer, Elizabeth Large), my wife and I are ahead of the curve for once in our lives.

Our house is decorated with fun touches, including:

* A duo of stuffed fabric parrots hanging from a door frame. They came from exotic Philadelphia.

* A "school" of paper-sculpture fish crafted by Baltimore-born artist Liseanne Monier-List, owner of the Terra Cotta Gallery in Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

* A framed, hand-tinted original illustration of Terrytoons hero Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, Tom's reluctant but loyal companion. (If you don't remember Tom and Mighty Manfred, you probably grew up in one of those houses where Mom banned television. I'm sure you're working it through now in counseling.)

* We also have a gallery of old-timey, multigenerational, black-and-white family photographs hung in the dining room, as much a conversation starter for guests as a tribute to our heritage. (My wife's bewhiskered grandfather looks like he modeled for the Smith Brothers cough drop box, and he always '' gets a giggle.)

* And, like many of you, we have much fridge fun at our house. The front of the ol' Kelvinator is packed with goofy snapshots of family and friends, and kitschy refrigerator magnets from vacation destinations. It's sort of a vertical photo album that dispenses ice cubes.

If you read this space often enough, you'll know I fully endorse fun. Many here believe I majored in it.

We hope you enjoy our annual spring fling through the world of home design.

And, remember: The operative word is "fun."

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