Susan Bartz and Leslie Sanzone do a service with a...


April 25, 1993|By Wayne Hardin

Susan Bartz and Leslie Sanzone do a service with a sticker

If you are single and searching and have a vehicle with a bumper, then Single and Searching, a new drive-by dating service, could be the thing for you.

Susan Bartz, 45, of Hamilton, and Leslie Sanzone, 38, of Perry Hall, both singles, run the 3-week-old service. Ms. Bartz, owner/operator of a child-care center, credits Ms. Sanzone, a bookkeeper, with the concept, which involves a bumper sticker with an 800 number.

"I've been single for 12 years," Ms. Sanzone says. "I've tried the bar scene, about every scene there is. I was driving to work one day and saw this guy in a car I thought I'd like to meet. I started

thinking about it."

For a $10 lifetime membership, a client fills out a profile of the type of person he or she is interested in meeting. The client then is given a bumper sticker that has a reference number on it and reads "Single and Searching. Call 1-800-877-2DATE."

If somebody likes the match of driver and bumper sticker, he or she can call. (If a date results, a non-member caller must join the service or pay $10 for the information.)

"We've had about 400 phone calls, nine-tenths [of them] men," Ms. Sanzone says. As high school teachers go, Robert Clarke, a social studies teacher at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, is not unusual in participating in extracurricular activities.

But it's not every day you see a faculty sponsor wearing full Scottish dress, including kilt, leading his students across the gym floor. For 26 years, Mr. Clarke has been the band director for the state's only high school bagpipe band.

"Usually people like pipe music or they don't like pipe music," says the 50-year-old band leader. "There's no in-between."

The son of a Scottish-Irish father, Mr. Clarke began his work with the MacMillan Clan bagpipe band when he applied for a teaching position at Robert E. Peary High School in Rockville. After hearing the bagpipe band was looking for a sponsor, Mr. Clarke took on the challenge.

These days, the 28 student members of the band practice two days a week on traditional Scottish band instruments such as bagpipes, snare drums and tenor drums.

"It gives the kids participating in it an experience they can't get with any other high school organization," he says.

Daniel M. Amdur

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