HERE'S the view from our neighbors in Delaware, courtesy...


April 23, 1993

HERE'S the view from our neighbors in Delaware, courtesy of the Wilmington News Journal's editorial page:

"The Maryland General Assembly, after three years of battling auto manufacturers and environmentalists . . . passed a compromise version of the 'California cars' emission standard. "Both sides claimed a degree of victory with the new legislation, which Gov. Schaefer said he will sign, but the significance of this bill cannot be underestimated.

"California cars have long been leaders in cutting back on the various tailpipe pollutants. Auto manufacturers, of course, don't like the California standards because they require them to build two versions of the same car.

"Maryland, northern Delaware and the mid-Atlantic region have some of the worst auto pollution in the country. More than 57 percent of the air pollution comes from automobiles. It is only a matter of time before other East Coast states will follow suit.

"Maryland's legislation has a peculiar twist to it: It won't become law until two neighboring states also adopt the California cars standards.

"Delaware should be the first."

...* * *

ED BURMAN, 41-year-old beer distrubuter from Fallston, performed in Carnegie Hall this week and won a trip to Hawaii for two. His performance? An imitation of an anxious cow waiting for food. Four other "faux cows" competed in the finals of a contest sponsored by the makers of a new spread called "Move Over Butter." These regional finalists were the best of more than 100,000 telephone entries.

Mr. Burman told reporters he simply drew on his childhood experiences entertaining his brothers with a wide repertoire of sounds.

Parents take note. You never know where talent lies.

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