Testimony closed on redistricting plans for schools

April 21, 1993

Better pick up the phone, fax a letter, or rent a plane with a banner if you still want to comment on the various school redistricting proposals before a final decision is made, advises school board President Vincent O. Leggett.

"We will not be taking any public testimony on that issue Wednesday night," said Mr. Leggett said. "We're not going to reopen the public hearing."

The school board is scheduled to devote almost the entire Wednesday night meeting to the subject of redistricting.

There are five plans under consideration.

Revising school attendance boundaries is an annual event, but this year's proposals regarding the Annapolis school districts have been controversial.

School board members must choose between sending students to neighborhood schools and continuing to bus some students past neighborhood schools to ensure racial and socioeconomic balance.

The school board will accept public testimony on topics not on Wednesday's agenda.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Board of Education office complex on Riva Road.

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