Woman sues for $2 million over her breast operation

April 21, 1993

A Glen Burnie woman has filed a $2 million lawsuit in Anne Arundel Circuit Court, alleging that the physician who performed surgery on her left breast in 1988 left a tiny piece of wire implanted there and failed to tell her about it.

Evelyn C. Almuete of the 7900 block of Pipers Path alleges that Dr. Dariush Doorandish, a Glen Burnie physician, left a one-centimeter fragment of "marking wire" that broke off during surgery June 21, 1988, at what now is Harbor Hospital Center. The surgery was performed after a suspicious mass was detected in her breast, according to the suit.

Her husband, Ladislao Almuete, is also a listed as a plaintiff.

A marking wire is a long, thin-gauge wire temporarily implanted by a radiologist to locate cancerous areas, according to medical experts.

In follow-up visits, Dr. Doorandish never told Mrs. Almuete about the wire fragment, although she continued to complain about pain, the suit alleges.

Dr. Doorandish had been told about the fragment by another physician who performed a mammogram on her July 26, 1989, according to the suit.

"Dr. Doorandish repeatedly assured her that everything was all right, that the pain was temporary, and advised her to wear a support bra to ease the pain," the suit alleges.

Roy Cowdrey, Dr. Doorandish's Annapolis attorney, said his client did nothing wrong.

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