School board to vote on boundaries 3 high schools due for changes

April 21, 1993|By Carol L. Bowers | Carol L. Bowers,Staff Writer

School board members are scheduled to vote tonight on plans to change school attendance boundaries for three Anne Arundel county high schools: Northeast, Meade and Annapolis.

The Annapolis redistricting plan would affect the most students -- 865. It also is the most controversial. Five plans, including the superintendent's, are under consideration.

Superintendent C. Berry Carter II's plan would relocate students into neighborhood schools as a way to encourage parents to get more involved. However, his plan would change the racial balance of some schools, leaving some schools with a higher minority population than others. At three schools, the minority population would drop significantly.

Mr. Carter's proposal attracted the attention of the Annapolis City Council, which intervened in the redistricting for the first time in anyone's memory.

Alderman Dean Johnson, a Ward 2 Independent, criticized Mr. Carter's plan because it would add to crowding at Germantown Elementary School in his district.

A group of adults who once attended Adams Park Elementary, now the countywide Learning Center, also have opposed the superintendent's plan. They want to see the building turned back into an elementary school.

A group of representatives from various citizens advisory councils also have presented the board with a plan for the Annapolis area that would revise school boundaries without the overcrowding created by the superintendent's plan.

Once approved by the board, the new boundaries would take effect in the 1994-1995 school year.

Mr. Carter's plan for Annapolis calls for students who live in Woodside Gardens now attending Annapolis Elementary to be reassigned to Parole Elementary, as would be students from the Heritage community who attend Germantown Elementary.

Also attending Parole Elementary would be students in the Bywater community who attend Edgewater and Rolling Knolls.

Students from Harness Creek, Hunt Meadows and Gentry who now attend Parole would be reassigned to Tyler Heights Elementary.

Mr. Carter's proposals for the other areas of the county have been largely ignored in public debate.

For the cluster of schools whose students will eventually attend Northeast or Chesapeake high schools, Mr. Carter has proposed changing the attendance boundary for Solley Elementary School.

Under his plan, students living west of Stoney Creek who now attend Sunset Elementary would switch to Solley Elementary School. Students along and south of 220 Street and west of the Turf Valley development now attending High Point Elementary also would attend Solley Elementary School under that plan.

Mr. Carter also would transfer some High Point Elementary students to Sunset Elementary, and move 150 students from George Fox Middle School to Chesapeake Bay Middle.

In the Meade area, Mr. Carter has proposed that MacArthur Middle School handle students in grades six through eight. That would free up some relocatable classrooms by moving 591 students from crowded elementary schools in the area.

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