THERE may be an obstacle standing in the way of all those...


April 19, 1993

THERE may be an obstacle standing in the way of all those Maryland memories the state tourist people want to create. Here's an excerpt from the Practical Traveler column in the April 11 New York Times:

"When you write to a tourist office for information, how soon can you expect a reply? This column's periodic survey of travel bureaus in the United States and the Canadian provinces shows that while some states have picked up speed since the last such test in 1991, the most likely turnaround time is still a month.

"However, if your intended destination is Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, Washington State or Quebec, nothing may help: of the 63 places queried in February -- 50 states, the District of Columbia and 12 Canadian provinces -- these 10 did not respond at all in six weeks. New York State did not send any information either, but did send a postcard saying the literature was exhausted and a new request should be sent in April."

...* * *

HEALTH Secretary Donna Shalala keeps popping up on television shows and in the newspapers, talking up the Clinton administration's health care reform effort. The only problem is, there's no plan to sell yet.

Not to worry.

When asked if that were a problem, Dr. Shalala told a reporter for USA Today, "Are you kidding? I've been out saying absolutely nothing with great enthusiasm."

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