Shannon BaruthSchool: Oakland Mills High SchoolHometown...


April 19, 1993

Shannon Baruth

School: Oakland Mills High School

Hometown: Columbia

Age: 17

Her accomplishments: She's been involved with the Student Government Association for four years, including as president of her sophomore class, and she sits on the school's beautification committee. She works with an autistic student as part of the school system's program to mainstream special education students.

She's run track and captained the cross-country team. She's a tutor for the National Honor Society and a member of the school's Steer Clear program, which puts on assemblies to warn students against drinking and driving.

Her comments: In my school, I've noticed that people don't respect one another, because they don't respect themselves. Nobody seems to have anything nice to say. We have to learn to get along, because we can't have a whole adult population not respecting one another.

Her plans: Shannon, a senior, intends to go to Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, where she hopes to study biology and a foreign language, either Spanish or French. She'd like to go on to medical school and practice in places where people are not getting proper medical care, like the Southwest or Appalachia, she said.

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